Ford Snowplow Trucks

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Knowing you’re self-sufficient when it comes to removing snow can make winter more enjoyable. Not only will you be able to control when your driveway is cleared, rather than waiting for a hired plowing contractor to show up, you’ll save money as well. Or, you might be a plow contractor yourself, and you know you need the most solid and appropriate setup available.

If you’re buying a full-sized Ford pickup, be sure to add the factory Snow Plow Prep Package. This important option bundles everything your F Series truck needs for carrying and operating a plow attachment, from the electrical components and software to more substantial suspension components to bear the extra weight. Better still, Ford is now offering a cash bonus incentive program for those who upfit their F Series pickup with the Snow Plow Prep Package (the specific details are outlined below).

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Ford Snow Plow Promotion

From now through January 4, 2021, those who supply their 2019, 2020, or 2021 Ford Super Duty pickup trucks with either the 47B or 473 Snow Plow Prep Package will be eligible for a cash bonus of at least $1,500. For 2020 model year Ford Super Duty pickups specifically, separate incentive categories are offered depending on the trim level and package provision.

The table below outlines the specific breakdown of each category (Retail CC, XL STX Special Package RCC, Commercial Upfit, XL/XLT with Snow Plow ROBC, and FDAF ROBC with Snow Plow). For example, since the 2020 Ford Super Duty XL with the STX Appearance Package checks off all of the incentive qualifications, it’s eligible for a $4,500 bonus. The other trims and configurations won’t receive as much, since their qualifications differ. Note that the XL/XLT and FDAF bonus cash of $1,000 is eligible for 2019, 2020, and 2021 model year Ford Super Duty models with the Snow Plow Package.

What Can Your Ford Handle?

The F-150 is great for general plowing, especially since Ford has incorporated more high-strength steel and military-grade aluminum into this generation of its best-selling vehicle, saving weight while making the truck more robust. The heftier F Series models are better for professional plowing contractors who work extensively for hours at a time. The F-250 line and up can take a larger plow blade and perform like the specialized workhorses that they are, thanks to their heavy-duty transmissions and suspensions. The Plow Prep Package contains the upgraded alternator that a truck needs when it has to devote a lot of electrical power to raise and lower a plow blade and move snow. Its role is to keep the electrical systems charged so there’s no loss of power to accessories like the headlights, heater, defroster, and windshield wipers.

A four-wheel-drive truck equipped with winter tires will yield the best traction. Pickups with the standard four wheels perform better in snow than “dually” versions (six-wheel pickups with two pairs of wheels on the rear axle). It’s also crucial to use a properly sized plow; one that’s too large can strain the truck’s front end while also reducing plowing effectiveness and handling. If you haven’t bought a plow attachment yet, note that just one brand, Sno-Way International, has been approved by Ford for use with the F-150.

What’s in the Ford Snow Plow Prep Package?

Ford’s Snow Plow Prep Package comes with all of the elements a truck needs for optimal plow operation. Mechanically, there are upgraded computer-selected springs designed to take on the extra weight (as much to a half-ton) and the aforementioned heavy-duty alternator. Also included are the software and electrical components (wiring, controls, etc.) needed for plow blade operation. The prep package isn’t just crucial for your best plowing – it also plays a part in maintaining your warranty coverage. Aftermarket alterations (such as installation of a non-Ford plowing prep setup) can cause warranty coverage to be void. Keep in mind that some plow installation professionals may turn down a customer if their Ford pickup is not equipped with the factory-installed plow prep package.